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Wedding Homecoming is TONIGHT!!!!!!!!

Grabbed this excellent picture off facebook today, and we know these two are planning to be here for supper tonight, since we've already seen James this morning! Such a fun photo, and it's a super neat thing that so many of our brides and grooms are excited to spend the evening with us!

This evening is one of my absolute favorite nights of the year, and I know that Miss Denise feels the same way. The fact that over 60 brides and grooms want to come and spend time with us at the scene of the 'crime' for their wedding truly fills our hearts. Catering this year is IN HOUSE.... Denise, Sheri and I are the chefs. (woah!) and plenty of fun is in store. We are so thankful for this annual tradition, and truly cannot wait for the couples to arrive! The Simply Sweet traditional cake with the right number of brides and grooms is on its way, and Tammy has created an AMAZING floral accent for the evening. Cap even promises to talk LESS tonight! Praise God!

Blessings. So often they're people, and we've been blessed enough to know that sometimes it's two wonderful people who pledge their lives together right in front of our eyes. Thank you, God, for this chapel. Thank you, God, for the ministry you've created here. Thank you, God, for these wonderful people who have entered our lives! Happy 5th Annual Wedding Homecoming Dinner!!! Wooohooo!

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