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Now THIS is a sight you don't see every day!

There's so much going on in this picture! These two delightful cherubs have joined the Caliber Oak team, and are doing very well as decor in place of live plants at the entry during freezing temperatures. Our female cherub (I guess we should name them!) is sporting a lovely satin Christmas ribbon with a pine cone. Anyway.........the other day I was making Denise's favorite birthday cake (Kentucky Cream Cake - a Rouda household tradition) and needed a place for the layers to cool. The couple seemed to oblige willingly, and based on this photo, Ms. Cherub took her commitment to cake protection VERY seriously... She's kind of giving Mr. Cherub a look like..., "you TOUCH that birthday cake, and you'll get a face full of pine cone!"... It's good to have an excellent staff, however. (BTW.......the cake turned out great and Sarah even ate the last piece while we were on vacation!)

All is lovely in chapel-land! We came back rested, ready and refreshed from a blessed trip to the Florida Keys, and are well on our way to being set up for the Wedding Homecoming Dinner this weekend. Cannot wait to see so many of our very special brides and grooms! We're doing the cooking this year with Sheri's help, so that'll be extra fun!

It just keeps coming back to me every day.... the new visual I have for it is..."If your plate is full with faith, there's no room for worry"... I'm envisioning 'worry' as being kind of a canned, refried bean kind of thing in my prayer time. Heheheh. Blessings to all for a magical and terrifically great day!

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