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Completely loving yesterday's magazine photo-shoot!

Julie is the professional photographer for the magazine, but I took this amateur shot! Walked by the groom's room and Mandy and Coop's stuff for the shoot was there, and thought this said it all. So very them, and reminded all over again how thankful we are that the two of them and Matt & Molly were married here. We see them from time to time, and they're all 4 like part of the family now. Their personalities are just right for this special place and they 'get' us and 'get' this chapel. Thank you, God, for sending these 4 and so many hundreds of other wonderful brides and grooms to us so that we could make the biggest of their days special!

Well, after a great shoot like that what else could possibly be going on?!?! Well, the boss' birthday is this weekend, so preparations are already underway for that and the 3 Kings 3 Miler 5k is this weekend, and yours truly is honored to be the MC for that event again this year. Not to late to sign it or hit me up for more intel. We've got several friends and brides and grooms that'll be extra cool. Pasta dinner for the runners/walkers on friday night and then the chilly fun on Saturday!

Isn't it neat how He makes all the puzzle pieces fit? All of our lives are interconnected, and when we let him put 'tab A into slot B', the picture at the end is clear and beautiful. Thank you, Father, for your artistry and love. Blessings for a great day, peeps!

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