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Not EVERY party is a wedding!

Well, the tables got set, and we like to call this the 'survivor's brunch' since folks were able to make it. (btw.....chocolate, teal and pink are the bomb together!.....brides, take notice! :)) Not only did Margarita help us make NYE '17 amazing, she was able to bring David and William to the brunch the next day. Ewkay....noted.... My error in starting the hash browns on too high a setting, but Talie saved the she's often done. Caeleb was amazing on fruit salad and general support assistance. Dr. Dick and Cindy Cashion are an amazing addition to any party, and I can't figure out why Sheri isn't in this photo, since she provided such amazing sweet rolls for the event! Ronny and Ann are perennial favorites, and fearless, so we weren't surprised when they made it! Sarah had a wonderful night, and stayed at the chapel. Unfortunately, the retired police Captain who owns the place put on Hindi rock music at level 53 on the stereo at 9:03 a.m. and it was rather difficult for her to focus on her morning prayers. No matter! She enjoyed quality time with the dogs on the front porch until the brunch party started, and joined right in! Woohooooooo, As it were.

Headed into a VERY EXCITING photo shoot tomorrow with two of our wonderful married couples! Catherine at Tex Appeal is again featuring our lovely space and kiddos, and these 4 are divine. (Even if the Mastrilli's skipped brunch on New Year's Day.....points have already been be sure! :)).....we're excited about the Tex Appeal photo shoot, and can't wait to see M, C, M & M back at the chapel tomorrow. Otherwise, just cleaning up, putting things blown over by the wind back in place, and forging on towards a magical 2017!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. We have two choices as Christians. Worry or Faith. Make the right choice. He's got this. ALL of it! Blessings to you, dear reader!

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