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Is this a 'first look' or a Deputy making a 'forced entry'!?!?? :)

Here's another one of those great wedding shots that I JUST got to see today! Don't know where I was, but this one slipped by me. April and Jimmy are an absolute delight, and this photo really says it all for me.... He's got a kind of 'don't make me come in there' look going on, and she's praying for patience! Hehehehe. We think the absolute world of the both, and are so looking forward to their next visit to the chapel. Blessings to you two, for a wonderful Christmas and a GREAT trip to T&C! We loved it last year!

Coolish out there, but not like it's been the last two days. Angie is here helping us out this morning, and I'm excited about going to get a massage this afternoon! We've had an amazing Christmas gathering collection this last week with the Cashions, Sarah, Ronny & Ann, etc.... lots of fun and lots of eating! We guess the eating will continue until further notice, since we've got a great Christmas gathering planned with Evelyn, Micki & Don, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner! We'll definitely have to start walking an hour a day after Christmas!

Loved the quote I saw on facebook the other day, and it seems to have resonated with lots of folks. We can either have fear or faith, but there really isn't room for both... Niiiice... Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful day!

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