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A little flashback activity for Erin & David!

It's absolutely amazing how times flies! What a fun memory of a fun day, and this dress is absolutely amazing... Hard to imagine that they're living up in Frisco, Texas, now...and already have a wee one of their own! Such a great couple, and we're so thrilled that they chose our chapel for their special-est of days! Blessings to you 3 today and always!

Chillier outside than I thought. Need to head to town eventually if we're to have any kind of supper. Getting things done little by little. The high this weekend is to be in the 70's and then go into lows of the 20's! Wow! Well, with Christmas almost upon us, I guess that's understandable. Had a wonderful time visiting with Tabatha while we booked their wonderful wedding. Looking forward to a wonderful day and completing the 'sugarplum' project! Plans are underway for a special dinner tomorrow night as well.

Counting blessings every day. It's fun and educational! :) Best wishes to all for a wonderful day of happy surprises!

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