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What an excellent photo! I just saw it for the first time!

I really don't know how I managed to miss this excellent photo on facebook from the Risenhoover wedding, but am so glad I saw it this morning. Such a fun shot, and such a neat couple. We are so hoping that they'll be able to join us for Wedding Homecoming Dinner this year! Blessings to them both!

The weather has warmed back up, and we're puttering about the chapel today. Looking forward to hearing from T&C on booking their wedding, and really enjoyed the visit yesterday with M&G to pick out all their dishes, linens, etc. for their big day. It's really fun, since we have two weddings already booked for 2017 that will have color schemes that we've never done before! Always neat to get to do something fresh and different!

His protection and timing are everything. We are thankful for both, and truly appreciate all that He does for us. Blessings to all today for an excellent day of perfect timing!

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