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Salado Christmas Parade Fabulous-nesss!

Miss Alice Fleetwood rocked Main and Royal Streets for the annual Salado Christmas parade! Corbin was able to join us and Miss Denise cheered on the crowd as well. Nice folks, great photo ops and fun crowds abounded. We even worked in a visit to Barrow Brewing Company as part of our official parade activities! Brooke Culley took this great photo as we rolled along, and it was so fun to be part of the tradition for one more year!

Crazy busy weekend @ the chapel. First, there's a mad dash to Canton in East Texas to find even MORE super really cool stuff for the chapel, and a wonderful visit at Mary's house. Then we do our favorite Old Mexican Inn in Corsicana for re-fueling, and get back to the house where our lovely Sirena Truegood/Truluck/Whatever was carefully guarding 3 doggies.... Got her a great thank you gift and so many other fun finds. Visited over wine/beer and then collapsed after a great hot tub/spa session! This morning was music for Miss Denise at Christ the King in Belton, and I was blessed to be able to lead a discussion with the Junior Escorts for the 2017 Wildflower Belle Ball. Fun! Also had a photo shoot here AND a bride and groom visit.... WHEW! At least we're not bored! Tomorrow is some cleanup and hopefully getting the house back on track!

Blessings come in so many forms, and we think if we stay in the 'flow' of them, they just continue and wash over us. We know when people and situations are not 'right' for us....and it just strengthens us for the right people in our lives that we can help and connect to.... He's got this! Woohoooo!

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