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To the Ladies Who, at least Tea!

This is an interesting picture. So many things here are not what they seem that I had to look about 4 times to be sure. Cindy is enjoying her afternoon, and Melissa seems like she's possibly in the middle of a Zumba routine that the camera wasn't quick enough to catch. The innocence of Talie in this country-elegant hat could be somewhat misleading :) and Sarah clearly looks like she's up to something. (She later ran that night for the Salado Planning, Zoning and Annexation Committee against Snidely, so that's probably understandable) and Brook is the model of decorum and pearl-laden grace & charm. I ask you, what exactly was being served at this table?!?!?! No matter, they all look great and Denise was thankful to have each and every one of these ladies here.

Another fab-u-lous day at the chapel. Not only awoke rested and thankful, but headed to our local, excellent Brookshire Brothers #69 to shop, visit and gossip! Headed home and Mike with High Desert Spas came by to fix the spa that wasn't all that broken, and it's always fun to see him. Angie is getting things clean and polished for the holiday season, and the OUTLANDER dinner is tonight....! Season one, with an appropriate selection of meats, veg & roots to compliment the wines. Can't wait to see what excitement Claire and Jamie create on the screen for us!

Fearlessness. It sounds like something only tightrope walkers or super heroes have. Not true. Each of us can own it, but must own it inside ourselves. It takes practice, isn't easy at all, but the rewards are amazing. There's always the Net to catch us if ever we fall. Blessings to everyone for an amazing Thanksgiving week!

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