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Sounds like a snappy jazz group, no?

...but it's not! Greg and Griselda brought delightful Prestyn over for supper this week, and we had a wonderful time! It's so excellent having them such a short distance away in their beautiful, new home. We're also excited that her 1st birthday party is this weekend, AND Angie's Amazing Crumb cookies will be on the menu as well. Everybody wins!

Supper tonight promises to be special, and we're excited about several new weddings in the planning stages. Lots to do today, but as always, it will all work out. The weather is amazing, and fun activities are planned for this weekend all the way around.

The blessings just keep on coming, as long as we stay out of the way with worry. Thank you, God, for all you continue to do for us! Have an excellent Friday!

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