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Who is Caliber Oak's Newest Couple!?!??

Well, it's official, and the date's been set. We couldn't be happier, and it's just amazing how these things work out. About 2 years ago, we took our limousine to a rare bridal vendor event at the request of a colleague. The reason it's rare, is that we usually don't participate in bridal fairs, since you've really got to see this amazing chapel to believe it! :) Anyway...while we were there, we met this delightful young lady, and invited her to visit our chapel. She fell in love with it, and us with her, and we agreed to share potential brides and grooms as we went forward. Well, out of the blue not too long ago, she contacted us and said she was ENGAGED! How cool is that. She remembered us, and brought her excellent groom, dad and sister to visit. The minute her sister came in the door, we realized that she had just been in a family wedding here this summer!!! What are the odds!?!? We're so excited for A&J, and the plans are already rolling. Blessings to you both...

One of the few days this week that doesn't have too much on the schedule. Some cleaning up, watering, chapel laundry, etc. The week gets progressively busier as the days go by, however, which is just how we love it! Beautiful warm weather and a sunshiny day.

Putting it all in His hands is the only way we're able to fly. He knows who to send to us for a very special wedding, He knows our future, He's given us the gifts, and He knows what excellent blessings are in store. Check in with Him today and receive your free offer! :)

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