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Kind of in a Wedding Homecoming Groove this week...

One of the fun-nest things about WHD is the cake! We make sure that there's a bride and groom on the cake for each and every bride and groom at the dinner! It's got a rather freakish appearance, since they're pretty much jam packed up there, but it's funny to us! TLC helps us by loaning us some cake toppers, and Miss Denise and I shop the year around to find them. We've gotten to the point where they have to be small, since so many need to fit! Saw a few in the last couple of weeks that would have been SO NEAT, but they were just to huge to make it work. We're already looking forward to this year's WHD, and the slide show that went out on FB yesterday has already reached over 1,400 folks! Wow! Thanks, Jordan!

Very, very busy day at the chapel today! Initial, pre-shoot visit for a large photo shoot here in a few days... a delightful bride checks us out for her wedding, and the St. Joseph's team makes their final approach into the pasture for the stewardship dinner. Never a dull moment. Got to have some great fun with Gary Askins last night, and life is great in general! Sheri helped set up the dining room for tonight's dinner and it looks great. We are so blessed, 24/7!

Everyone's belief system is different. The part about ours I really enjoy is truly believing that positive thoughts, actions, and affirmations - to include thanksgiving - really does make a difference in our attitudes and outcomes. Thank you, God, for all you do for us, and all that's coming our way. You alone are The Holy One. You alone are The Lord. Blessings at ya, peeps!

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