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Sometimes, you just have to splurge. This was one of those times!

To me, this mug IS a dweam wifin a dweam! So, surely Princess Bride fans for a while (although we're not as rabid about it as others....not naming names here :)) it was only natural that we knew of the excellent wedding scene in the movie. The AMAZING part was that Jackie & Adam requested it as part of their wedding vows when I married them this summer. At first I was reluctant...would their guests get it? did it seem too flippant? I was assured by our couple and family that it would be well received. Well it WAS! Everyone laughed, and apparently I was fairly good with my imitation of the character as well. Well, when this mug came along on FB (Jackie sent me the link, I think?) I just had to have it, and Miss Denise immediately ordered it for me. *I'm' not spoiled, btw....well....* Can't wait to have my first cuppa in it while a bridal tour is underway! Wuv....twooo wuvvv....... :)

All is magical and blessed in the chapel world today! A little trip to Georgetown to get some comestibles for tonight's rehearsal of Ballot Box Bedlam, the melodrama benefiting the Salado Public Arts League. Sara & Josie are visiting today to finalize plans for the St. Joseph's Stewardship dinner here in a very few days, and the boss is working from home today, so that's always good! Gearing up for N&L's great adventure wedding, so things are rocking! Blessings to K&E who booked their wedding with us this week....we can't'll be so much fun! AND two more bride visits on the's that time of year! PTL....we love the fun!

Staying in faith....even when it's a little tougher than the key. He's got this. Whatever it is. He's got it! Rock on and forward in the knowledge of that faith! Blessings, y'all!

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