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Such a beautiful setting. Truly serene!

Although the party certainly wasn't!!!! This was the setting for Wedding Homecoming Dinner in January, and we loved how it turned out and also loved how many of our special brides and grooms were able to attend. Already looking forward to our next WHD, and invitations will be ordered in the next 30 days.... It's hard to imagine!

A wonderful day so far, and the weather couldn't be more pleasant. The temps, breeze, and feel are perfection. One of about 4 days each year that we get this way! :) It's lovely, and it was a good day to find a great gift that was needed and to find excellent steaks for supper tonight. Carnivores, unite! Looking forward to 2 couples coming to see us in the next 24 hours, and life is good.

Listening to His voice, and using our gifts. Seems almost psychic sometimes, but it's actually Him letting us know what's ahead and where to turn...and what to expect. Hope everyone has their inner voice up and running today! Make it a great one!

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