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Someone Special is on Her Way!

Sunday at the chapel marked one of Noelle's bridal showers, and the place looked beautiful (if I must say so myself!...I helped a little! :)). Vintage linens, creative touches like the baby clothes on the line, and even cute little baby shoes on the mantel. What a perfect place for the shower, since this was the beginning spot for Noelle & Brian's married life together. Congratulations to them both, and only 5 more weeks until the excitement REALLY begins!

A little overcast at the chapel today, but nobody is complaining. Temps have been in the 70's which is a gift from God after a warm September. Actually makes you want to get out on the grounds and do stuff. Well, almost! Had a wonderful weekend of visits, and the week is off to an excellent start. Looking forward to a special dinner party this week, as well!

Sometimes things take longer than we expect, but when we trust in Him, it all works out for the best. Have an excellent day, and remember that He loves you!

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