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What a Magically Lovely Moment in Time!

These two are very special to the chapel, and it's so fun to see grandmother and grand-daughter together on Jackie's big day. So much happiness surrounded and filled the chapel that day for so many. This photo was obviously taken not long before Jackie made her descent into the great-room for marriage to Adam, and it's truly priceless to us! Congratulations, again, Jackie & Adam!

It's about darned time I put a blog post out, since the last one was literally 2 months ago!?!?! I get lazy with the ease of FB postings, but realize that we need to share via the website at least once a week. Will TRY to be better! ...A beautiful Sunday morning, and a sad reminder as well of what happened 15 years ago today. We shall never forget...

Looking forward to a fun baby shower in the near future, and the numbers for the St. Joseph's Church Stewardship Dinner are looking good too! Woohooo!

Blessings come in many forms. Appreciating everything we have is blessing unto itself! Have an excellent day!

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