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First step on customizing the chapel mantle!

The beautiful mantle Rory created to replace the one they used for their wedding has been installed, and the very first pass of color/texture/accent is being added. The boss has already given a suggestion for the second phase of painting, and it'll be a work in progress until we get it just right. Always neutral in color, but with some nice accents that make it look great. It's just the right addition to the great room, and like Brooke's lights, a permanent part of parties and happiness from one day passed on to many others.

A wonderful wedding weekend with Carmon and Ben tying the knot. Great family to work with and the time just flew on their big day. Phase II of their wedding adventure picks up in Los Angeles in just a few short days, and we know it'll be amazing. Stephanie's flowers were truly incredible for the big day, and Missy's help was instrumental in making the service truly 5 star. Speaking of instrumental....the violinists for the wedding were world-class, and we can't thank them enough for making the wedding truly memorable and genuinely beautiful! Setup begins today for C&L's great adventure in just a few short days! Jackie's wedding is booked, and we couldn't be more please to have the second wedding from the same family hosted at our beloved chapel.

Even when we don't make the right choices, He still loves, heals and cares for us. Thank you, Lord, for the magnificence of the day, our health, the beautiful old cars that bring pleasure to so many, and all the blessings you surround us with minute by minute. Blessings to you, blog reader, for the greatest of blessings to come your way today!

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