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This cannot possibly have already been 3 years this week!?!?!?

....Well, of course except for the youthfully dashing Cap doing the honors! Only Kidding! Hard to imagine that 3 blessed years have happened since this day. June Lili, Jeremy's excellent transition to Waco PD, Cap's many special developments.

Pretty rarely, on the week of a Caliber Oak couple's anniversary, do we get a chance to visit. We certainly did today. I missed seeing Jeremy, but Missy and I got to have a quick gab fest while she was at work, and we laughed all over again about the crazy moments of the day... (we still love you, Groomzilla Weathergroom! :)) I think the best part of that is that Jeremy is probably our only groom EVER who has saved a screenshot on his phone from the forecast map for their wedding day to remind Cap that it really WAS Armageddon, and that I wasn't taking it seriously enough! We love these two and all their attachments and accessories in children's sizes.

One of the things we talked about today was actually happening at the very moment of this photo... Jeremy and Missy had been given the stern, police lecture about not being too giggly, emotional, etc. etc. etc. wasn't them we had to worry about. The minute she stepped out of the side doors of the chapel, Cap lost his emotional control, and realized he had about 34 seconds to pull it together. The two dramatic "pauses" in the ceremony, were Cap bowing down with tears of joy and hoping when he opened his mouth he wouldn't sound like a 6th grade girl. As he's typing this post the mistyness is he'd better close....:)

Such a happy memory...Such an amazing day. We're so proud to call this brother officer and the best NP in the world our dear friends. Mazel Tov, you two! Love you both.

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