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The quiet anticipation of a truly great event...

Sometimes, the moments before a wedding can be truly enjoyable. This was the case for Kelsey & Dillon's big day. Even though the chandeliers aren't lit yet, the anticipation evident in this photograph really sets the 'stage' for a special celebration of love and commitment. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, and the red sashes add just the right compliment to the green-ness of outdoors. Simple, refined and tasteful. Loved it! Not to mention, we had a wonderful party afterward! Love our chapel memories!

Off to a slow start this morning with the boss in Austin and Pflugerville for work and rehearsal. Just getting around to the coffee portion of the morning, but who's rushing. Very special guests for dinner tonight with another tremendous bucatini pasta meal. We're hooked on the stuff! Plan to spray for bugs today with a new and excellent product, and might even get some seeds planted here pretty soon. The sunflower seeds are officially planted for 2016, with 1/4 lb of them in the ground and doing well. We're down to almost the end of the bean hyacinth, but lots and lots of zinnia seeds left to go. About a dozen of Marcy's dahlias are coming up with a few more of them yet to go into the ground as soon as we get a chance. Such a blessed time of the year to be alive! A special bride and groom visit is planned for this weekend (think celebration tree!) and we have several other wonderful visitors planned.

Moving on to something else is sometimes a nudge that He provides. If we don't fight it, we accept it and doors continue to open. May He open wonderful new doors in your life that you didn't even know were! Blessings to all for a super end of the week!

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