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Well.......Those Royals & their dogs. Really!

Well, apparently, some of the Royals are being married at the chapel tomorrow! The English variety have nothing on these two, as they are totally prepared, and 'parade ready' for the event. The heir to the throne seems completely at ease in his new position as leader of the household...with the trusted Minnie as his advisor! Princess Kelsey seems up to the challenge and yet.........rather curious about the events to come... Even her trusted companion, Mushroom, seems to be wondering... exactly how this is all going to happen...based on her expression. (mushroom is clearly concerned here, that they're going to serve fish!) No matter! The Royal Couple will be wed and merriment will ensue! We are so excited to have Princess Kelsey and Archduke Dillon make the chapel their home tomorrow for the biggest day of their royal lives. It will be excellence!

Besides showing the royals to the restrooms, our day has been complete. Paid bills, prepped the 'castle', and had a wonderful rehearsal visit with the entire family. Tomorrow promises an opportunity to plant some marigolds, titivate the plan for the wedding, and generally busy ourselves with making some magic. Can't wait! That's what we do best!

Taking time for prayer and truly honoring God is so very important. I can think of 2 times it's happened in the last 2 hours at this blessed place. Maybe that's why he provides so many gifts and delights here? Ya think? Bless on, dear God, and we thank you for every minute of our special lives together!

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