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I forget how cozy this place really is!

Ok, in all fairness, this particular cozy corner of our beloved chapel is rarely visited by the Cap for any length of time... The bride's room alcove is one of my favorite features of the place. Relaxing, calming, and intimate. I love to think about how many ladies have spent their wedding days preparing in just this space. It's neat. When I look at the Monet print on the wall, I always think of when Miss Denise and I bought it. It was our first Christmas together in 1986, and we were living outside of Dallas. We put this print, our Christmas tree and the ornaments for the tree on layaway at J.C. Penney at Northpark Mall on layaway, so that we'd have something for our first Holiday gathering. I'll never forget how special and important this print was in our first home that year. It goes so perfectly in the bride's room, and certainly acts like it was meant to be there! So thankful that all the antique wood, special custom sewing, staining, painting and the like have combined to make a place so very special for the special-EST of brides. What a blessing!

Today was wonderful! Up early for a little visit to the clinic, and then off to Ace Hardware for a new trowel and garden fork (it doesn't take much to excite us these days, people! :)). After that, got some seeds planted, washed the Fleetwood (badly needed!), did some chapel linens, and just puttered about. We can thank Carmon for this photo, btw, since she needed one for her photographer. After that, Greg called and needed a little bit of help opening the house for tradesmen who were coming to do repairs at the new and beautiful Casa Steglich. Spent some of the afternoon watching television (THAT was fun!) and then came home. A little pasta, chicken and peas are on the plate for this evening, along with a nice read. Really enjoying a new series, and that's always such a joy.

Being available to others. It's important, and probably what we're supposed to do. Not only does it help folks out, it makes us feel so very good inside. Isn't that the basis for God's grace? I'm thinking maybe so. Have a blessed day and here's hoping you get called upon by someone in need! That's the coolest!

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