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Really, Cap?!? Another flower picture!?!?

Ok, ok....I know I'm the king of loving the flowers out here, but just can't get enough of the springtime beauty that's surrounding the chapel. This lantana variety is just about my favorite thing. Love the way the pink and yellow are part of the same plant, and the whole thing has kind of a carnival feel to it. So glad they're doing well, and the rain and sunshine really makes the difference!

Got to plant some more sunflower seeds today, did some chapel linens, tidied up around the place and met with Natalie and Norma regarding the upcoming wedding. Even had time to host the 35th anniversary dinner for Micki and Don out here, and it was so much fun. Tomorrow's fun includes a couple of special visitors and hopefully, getting some great chores done.

Isn't it strange when things don't turn out at all like you thought they would? That's still God at work, and He's got a plan. He makes everything work out just fine, and our learning to take a breath, smile, and know that it'll all somehow fit together is our test and reward for our dedication. Thanks, Boss, for making that happen for us every day! Blessings to all for a sun-shiny kinda day!

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