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The happiness of this couple truly shines!

Rena took another great one here. We don't think it's been on the blog before, so we had to share it. The happiness these two shared the day of their wedding will be remembered for a long time. Love the smiles. They left us with a 'photo coaster' that Jordan's mom made about a million of for the wedding (they're soooo cool!) that's near the coffee maker in the chapel. Smart kids. Every single time I look at their smiling faces on this coaster (while I'm making coffee, right?!?!?!) from another special day in their lives, I say a prayer for them and smile myself. Neat stuff. Blessings to these two as they move forward.

Still working on transition from one FB page to the other, and need to talk to the webdude on a couple of items, but most importantly, moving ahead! Woke to some more major rain today (praise God!) and had an excellent visit with Heather to plan her big day. We figured out plates, napkins, chair covers, linens, etc. etc. etc. All is pretty well locked down, and we have a plan of attack. They're just a very special couple that we've been blessed with! You know when it's right for a bride and groom here, and they're RIGHT! More chores, indoors this afternoon, and hope to even get some bills paid!

Modeling. Not the magazine type, but the behavior type! Sometimes He provides people in our lives that are just right, and we're able to replicate some of their finest qualities. He's providing me a person like that right now with a very specific personality trait, and I'm WORKING on absorbing as much of it as I can! Get out there and absorb some greatness today!

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