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Wow! Spring is in bloom at the chapel!

Today's post marks a change in our direction! Our web-guru, Jordan Overturf, is working on making us more accessible and present, so we're on the NEW Caliber Oak page that he's gotten all fixed up. The fact that it's his birthday has nothing to do with it (Happy Birthday, Deputy Overturf!) since he had already done his primary work before then. He's given me a laundry list of things to do, but be advised.......this is where the chapel blog posts will live until told otherwise!

I love this picture. Bill Roe created this incredible tutor, and it's now filled with beautiful once.a.year.blooming roses that are so very fragrant! Thanks, Bill! ... It doesn't look quite so sunny over the tutor today, however... but no matter. We had a tremendous day of fun and adventure!

First, services were second-to-none at the beloved St. Joseph's Church in Salado this morning. Just love being there with the folks. Slipped out early to catch Jennifer and Justin for a quick visit of the magical space out here, before jetting off in 472 cubic inches of Cadillac Excellence to pick up Sarah for Denise's concert. Sadly, Becky was under the weather, but Carl joined us for the performance, which was wonderful! After that, we dined at La Riv and finished our meal in the '73 Fleetwood with Freddy's frozen custard! It was the bomb and I wish I'd have ordered 14 more! After that, we dropped off Dr. Carl and I motored Sarah home in 40 mph luxury! We can't wait for the A/C switch to be fixed so that we can actually see through the fog on the windshield and the road! Such an adventure, and we're truly blessed! Now, the entire family (5 of us, including the dogs) are resting comfortably on the bed!

Sometimes we reach the end of an activity and wish we'd have been a little different. Maybe a bit quieter....more shy? Maybe we should have just sat still and enjoyed his blessings. Maybe.....maybe......maybe.... But being who we are...including the reflection of who we could be is the ultimate secret. Life is an exploratory adventure in His service. Thank you, Boss, for all you do for us each day. AND thank You for the lessons we learn! Have a marv-el-us week, y'all!

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