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As serene as a wedding pageant queen!

Add the amazing Jodi Selvera to the very select collection of very special brides who have portraits of themselves for their weddings that include the fabulous blue Eldorado convertible! This picture is as amazing as Rena said it would be, and also hung - front and center - at the amazing reception for the brand-new Mr. & Mrs. Selvera. The only downside is that I still don't have all the "Eldorado" letters on the trunk, so it says something like "Eoro", which is sad. Fortunately, Rena, the talented photographer, made sure Jodi's mom's vintage gown covered up this flaw with a flawless bride in her finery. Unfortunately, Kelly & Molly have to deal with the missing letters in their portraits, but it reminds us that nobody's perfect! :blush:! What an honor it is to step into one of our special couples homes and see our beloved Cadillac on the wall with the beautiful bride. Amazing...and Dr. Carl was right.......THIS was the car for the chapel! If it wasn't for him (and the generous Lord above) she never would have come home with us! This picture of Jodi is just AMAZING. I can't stop looking....but I've got to get some work done!

Paperwork day again today, but no always could be worse. Excited about our bridal photo shoot here today, and the fact that Miss Denise comes home extra early from Austin. Hopefully, we'll get our walk in today. That just didn't work out last night, but I got into the spa instead....kind of the same thing, calorie-wise, right? hehehe. The roses at the chapel are in such tremendous bloom right now! Special thanks to the lady who owns the place who fertilized them and our talented Clemente who trimmed them back to perfection. Breathtaking.

Pushing through. It's not supposed to be magic and rainbows every day....well, they're there...if we continue to see them. Some days we have a little more on our plate or a couple of extra parcels to carry, but it's all good! He's there, He's got this, and He loves us! Wow....that parcel is already lighter! Blessings to each of you for a delightful day!

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