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We're getting very close to baby time!

Our Dakota & Zach are very close to parenthood, from what we can tell from the other side of the 'pond'. She looks absolutely radiant in all the maternity photos (as she did as a bride!) and our groom...a.k.a...'New Daddy' (!) will certainly be an incredible father, since he's such a caring and attentive guy. Wish these two (THREE!) tremendous happiness, joy and health in the coming year and always. Such a special little, young family, and they couldn't be a more wonderful team. Blessings to you!

Closer to home, preparations continue for two big events this week... Abby & Dustin's great wedding adventure, and the traditional large grouping for Easter Sunday - 2016! The weather looks like it'll be good for both days, and no matter what, the events will be fun. More setup is happening for the wedding today, and preparations are being made at the main house for Easter Sunday. Haven't checked the weather for Sunday this morning, but it was looking better yesterday at final check. Let us pray! Excited about the catering for A&D's wedding and also the variety of goodies that'll be here for the next day. Looking forward to a trip to be made soon in a certain large, blue convertible to Temple for flowers, some sausage, a new pair of pants for Easter AND maybe even a new hat! We shall see.... the boss is still sniffing around a few stores to see if there's a specific Easter frock with her name on it, just in case. Excited to have a special visitor today who's even bringing lunch for the team! Can't wait!

Trusting in His solutions. Sometimes, we cannot see the logic of how He is going to fix a 'problem'. That is not for us to figure out, but just to graciously take the ride on His grace and 'allow' it to happen. Thank you, dear Lord, for protection, healing and perfect timing. You alone are the Holy One, indeed. Many blessings, prayers and positive thoughts to you today, and a prayer 'shout-out' to the Baby Waite in the United Kingdom!

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