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A chapel in Central Texas or a U.K. view?

It's looking decidedly spring-ish out there these days, and we're absolutely loving it. Guess we've been pretty busy, since there were no blog posts the last couple of days, but that's to be expected at such a special place on the weekends! Well, since thursday, we've run some errands, gone to the Lion's Club 'garage sale' and got some great little finds. Also got to visit with Samantha, Laura & Greg regarding wedding planning. Yesterday was church for both of us, and then a delightful visit from Sarah. We got our walk in, had an excellent dinner and visited over tea in the evening. The perfect end to a perfect weekend. We're gearing up for Easter Sunday, and eggs, decor, dishes, linens, flatware, etc. are all being prepared for the celebration. Our weathet is still the unknown variable with possible thunderstorms, so the actual location of the Easter dinner is based on weather predictions as we get closer, but no matter, it'll be somewhere, and happiness and fellowship will abound! ... Hoping to get the 1973 Fleetwood into the shop today for a U-joint problema, nothing major, but she would have come in handy for church yesterday when the temperature was about 52! Nice, coooool ride into town in the '71 with the top down! No matter....just be thankful you don't have to walk AND that the windows go up to block out the breeze! ... We're counting the days until A&D's exciting Easter weekend wedding, and know it'll be special, since they are! Set up for their big day should also start we're not going to be bored this week. ... Talking with Sarah last night about a trip to the UK really got me thinking about how much we love our time there. One day soon, we're sure.

He sends just the right people into your life at just the right time. Our job is to see that as a reality, and to act accordingly. Some folks are there for an entire lifetime of interaction, love and companionship, and some are there for just a 'season' for whatever reason He chooses. Some are 'removed' from your life as a blessing as well..... He has a reason, for all the seasons, and it's actually fun to meet someone new and wonder what He has planned with this new introduction! Blessing to all on this day of Holy Week, and our sincere prayers be with you as you prepare for one of the largest miracles of all! When you meet someone new today....look for the meaning of the new interaction and open yourself to it! It's exciting!

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