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Possibly the prettiest of 60 on the tables?

Denise and I walked by the same place setting for Amy & Rory's wedding a few times, and decided this particular matchup of napkin and plate created the coolest look in the room. All of the antique plate/napkin combinations that day were excellent, but something about this particular one spoke to us. We're realizing that there really is an art to this, and that even if one would like doesn't just happen without the right eye, materials, colors, patters, discernment, etc. We're thankful to have some of those gifts and that it becomes a blessing to our very special brides who are creating a one-of-a-kind look for their biggest of days! Not every wedding at the chapel is quite this vintage/overlay/retro, but we're so thankful to have a spot where this favorite look of ours really is allowed to resonate in its natural habitat! :)

Rain, rain, rain! Praise the Lord! It started yesterday morning in earnest, and is back with volume. What a tremendous blessing, as we can always use it in our part of the state, and a little too much of it is much more rare than a little too little! Possibly may not make it down to the chapel today at all, depending on how much precip really happens, but that's ok, since the preliminaries for E&B's wedding are all set, and very little is left to be done. I'm still working on the laptop from the bed with 3 sleeping dogs nearby, a cup of coffee and the blissful sounds of rain outside. Thank you, again, Dear Lord for all the wonderful blessings you bestow upon us each day! We're hoping to enjoy the stations of the cross today at St. Joseph's with the youth group and tomorrow I get my annual hearing test. I guess I'd better study. What? We're also looking forward to Jose & Company coming to visit tomorrow as their planning for the big event progresses.

Taking the small, velvetty scraps of blessings that are all around us and making a quilt of gratitude. A warm duvet, healthy spouse & self, loving dogs, a hot cup of tea....all of these things are daily reminders of His everlasting love for us. Isn't it such a treat that we only need look past our noses to find such a multitude of gifts. Blessings to you for a tremendous day, and we hope you're blessed in countless we know you will be!

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