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Beautiful people in a beautiful setting...

We love sharing these outstanding photos from Stephanie's photo shoot because they're all so excellent! I'm going to attempt to put this one on the facepage carousel, since it's so cool! Stephanie's flowers are special, and the use of the tartan throw in the photo makes the textures just jump. Our groom model is handsome here in his classic tuxedo. Outstanding look from both of these lovely people. They're both really sweet kids, too! Pretty people can be NICE! hehehe.

Projects are getting done around the chapel today and I need to spend another hour on the wedding setup. Amy's final numbers are in, tables are up, linens are being spread and chairs are being placed. Little by little. Really looking forward to Corbin's visit today, as we're sending some lead downrange like regular hombres and seeing if we can hit the target in the process. I've so much been looking forward to this shoot. Later in the day, I get to help at the polls by waving a sign and looking cheerful. I can do that! I voted this morning, and it always feels great. Confirmed our meeting room for the Kite Festival at church with Bev & Tyler, and even got a few errands run. We're on a roll here, people. Hopefully, will get my walk in and plant the banana pepper and tomatoe plants I grabbed at Ace Hardware....we'll see!

Being grateful for each breath. What a great way to roll. Without Him we are nothing, and would not exist. Thank you, God, for everything we have, for our religious freedoms, the opportunity to vote, and for the sun in the sky. It's all Yours, and we're thankful that you share it with us! Blessings to all for a great day, and BE SURE TO VOTE!!!!

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