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Came across these smiling faces from fall

These ladies look like their having a good time and I think they are. It's always so fun to have multiples of our very special brides at the chapel at the same time! Noelle, Kelly, Brooke & Delanie all were married here, so they'll forever be Caliber Oak brides...come what may!

Had a wonderful dinner last night with Talie at the chapel and all of the food turned out pretty darned good! It was wonderful getting to visit, and a nice way to break up the week. Yesterday, we exchanged the Eldorado for the Fleetwood as we work through the never-ending list of minor adjustments that make an old car fun and more dependable. We can't say enough about this delightful '73 Fleetwood's like bringing a new Cadillac home from the dealer every time we ride in it.'s been in 3 key photo opportunities already!

Thinking the best, not the worst. It takes practice and reinforcement, but little by little by little, it gets just a shade easier and becomes more natural. When we know He's running the show...why wouldn't things turn out beautifully in the end. We know they do! Blessings to everyone for a productive and spirit-filled day!

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