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I think it's a great look for them for sure!

Another great WHD photo from the photobooth. These two are close to our hearts and Whitney is going to be working lots of weddings this season. We had such a fun time the morning of the "3 Kings 3 Miler" race at St. Joseph's together with them at the very beginning of the year, and look forward to many more wonderful times with these two...

Not too much going on at the chapel today....but that's ok! The weather continues to be delightful and it's headed to be a bit cooler over the next 5 days, but still amazingly wonderful. Thank you, God! Have a pretty open schedule today...may do some shopping, definitely want to fertilize we'll see what else transpires. Always fun seeing where we're headed with His direction! Also, I'm really enjoying John Cleese's newest book, "So Anyway" and highly recommend it. Not only a tremendous wit, but truly an intellect.

Not fretting... Letting the connections, opportunities, situations, blessings all unfold like a flower from a bud... That's the ticket, we think. Blessings to you today as you allow the flowers to open in your life. Don't forget to turn your stem towards the sun, as well! Have a GREAT friday!

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