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Surely, a party where we would want to be!

The figurine toppers from the WHD dinner have a life of their own, and I love this angle from Jennifer's camera. The scene looks like a festival of marital happiness, and each couple is telling their own story. The young, attractive couple on our left is clearly excited about their new life together, and I'm thinking it looks like he may have just gotten out of the military...windy day for her, as that veil is really flying! You GO girl! ....Our center couple just looks crazy happy with their new-found sharing of a last name, and it truly looks like he's sweeping her off her feet. They're going to have some fun in life and will pretty much always see the bright can just tell! Our 'mature' couple on the right has been around the block. He's confident and she's still in love. Isn't love grand at any age? One of my favorites is the couple behind our 'mature' couple. She's looking a little snarky and he's shadowed, but doesn't look too happy. Hope things will work out for them. "Hang in there, kids!" :)

A beautiful day in the neighborhood, as I've heard sung by the master of children's TV before! Took a trip into town to get my locks sheared, get some stuff at the hardware store and headed home....all in the shiny, recently washed Miss Bridget Jones. Lunch is headed out with our favorite volunteer this afternoon, and we begin setting up for the Disney Songbook concert with Jason Francis on Sunday night to benefit Ronald McDonald House. Looks like we're going to have a nice turnout, and we're looking forward to that.

So thankful for the focus, progress and positioning of Lent. It's such a great time to reflect, grow and change. It's never too late to start, either, as we've still got 5 wonderful weeks to go! Blessings to you on your journey today, and we know He'll whisper some great directions to help you along the way!

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