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Guess who came to visit us for supper!

What a treat it was to see Ashley last night at dinner. We also love this cute picture of the two of them at WHD, and were so thankful that they were able to make it. Ashley and I visited about her new business adventure, called Simply Set. She's very interested in coordinating/designing weddings here and elsewhere, and we think she has everything she needs to be very successful! Her current efforts are re-doing her business cards (that have such a COOL design!) and working on contact #'s and web design. We're looking forward to helping in any way we can, and she's also going to work a few weddings this spring to get some more feel of how the 'backstage' part of the whole process works. Best wishes to our Ashley, and congrats to Zach as he works towards some more excellent education. They are special, for sure.

Well, Fat Tuesday is finally here...and the party is about to end! Each Lent, we give up the things we love, and in Cap's case, that clearly involves the fermented beverages... No cigars, wine, or goodies for 46 days, and we're looking forward to a cleansing and meaningful Lenten season again this year. Not much going on at the chapel today, except for the two big piles of materials in the driveway that will be the finishing touch to the new terrace tomorrow. That will be a fun project to have finished. Looks like a sunny and pretty wonderful day out there today...

Self denial helps us on this end by focusing on the gifts He provides every day, every year, every minute. Forty-six days really isn't much to ask for a lifetime of blessings and the gift of His ultimate sacrifice for us. Blessings to everyone for a truly special Lenten experience. May God bless you richly!

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