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Let the celebration of love begin!

Congratulations, Laura & Carson (I love saying Carson the way that Mrs. Hughes says it on Downton!) on your upcoming wedding, and we're thrilled that you're having it here! It won't be long before your big day under the twinkling lights, and we're sure it'll be a wonderful event. Both of these two are just right for the chapel, and we so enjoyed meeting them both. Best wishes to a special pair! Special thanks to Debbie & Dick Wood for sending them our way!

Having a special visitor to the chapel today, and looking forward to that. The place still smells a little like my fried chicken from the other night, but not too bad. Had an absolutely excellent visit with a bride, groom and momma yesterday, and we hope they'll make Caliber Oak their wedding home as well! Pretty laid back today in the final approach to Lent. We're both looking forward to it...

I am amazed at the power of prayer shared by a couple of nearly 30 years. The other night, Denise said some prayers for me while she walked from the chapel to the house, and I literally could FEEL her praying for me. Her prayer changed my attitude completely and I was reminded of how truly powerful intentions can be. Thanks, honey! And thank you, God for your goodness and listening to our prayers. Get out there this fine pre-Lenten Sunday and have some king-cake sized fun! Blessings to all!

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