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New and improved addition to the driveway...

Well, it might not be a very exciting photo, but it does represent progress! Clemente did an original curb at the end of last year to keep some of the driveway materials from washing into the yard during heavy rains. Well, that lasted about 3 days, before someone drove over it and broke it! :(... Not to be discouraged, we built it higher and wider... Now it's a little more visible, and should work even better. Loving the look of the ferns at the end of the curb, and we'll think we'll do urns with foxtail ferns in it for this summer so that they can take the heat. Little steps towards a finished look. We're so thankful for his talent!

Low key chapel day today. Special party going on this afternoon, but otherwise pretty quiet. Lots of wedding inquiries and the dates are really getting booked up for this year. So thrilled to be asked to be officiant for a very special wedding this year, and can't wait to go over this neat couple's vows. All the roses got trimmed back beautifully yesterday, and we're ready for springtime... A little more like winter here today with a low near freezing last night and a high in the upper 50's today. Certainly can't complain about that!

Loved one of Joel Osteen's messages the other day. When negative thoughts that try to take root in your mind pop up.... just hit the 'delete' key! It sounds silly and too easy, but I've actually done it about a dozen times so far, and it really works! Give the delete key a try the next time you don't think you're worthy or that things will never work out... Things just completely come off your 'screen'! Blessings to you today and everyday...

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