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Congrats to the newest wall of fame couple!

The newest addition to the 'wall of fame' in the chapel is Emily & John's photo from their wedding day this summer. This is the magic couple we met at Green Pastures at brunch on our wedding anniversary, who ended up getting married at the chapel the NEXT DAY! They're now having their first baby VERY soon, and we couldn't be more excited! Congrats to a very special and delightful couple on making it to the 'wall'! Also, many thanks for the beautiful cross pocket that will be going up in the Moulin Rouge hall!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the queen of the chapel, Miss Denise! Today is her big day, and celebration will certainly be in order. Any extra time today will be spent enjoying champagne and celebrating in style. She's one of a kind, generous, spiritually amazing and just sweet! Thank you God for bringing her to me!

Otherwise, not much today. Mailing off a package....doing my 4.5 mile walk to make up for a couple of lazy days. The chapel should be pretty quiet today...lots of inquiries for 2016 weddings, but no visitors scheduled so far today...much can change in a short time! Oh, and I'm wearing my '3Kings3Miler' t-shirt from the race last weekend! I may not have run it, but I ran my mouth all morning as MC, so I guess that counts for something?

Every day is a blessing. Thinking about how wonderfully blessed Denise and I have been for almost 30 years is almost overwhelming. Thank you God x 2...and with your grace, we wish for many more together! Blessings to all as you shout out the wonderful gifts you've been given as they come to mind today in prayer!


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