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There's just something about this...

I was diligently working at the chapel today for Wedding Homecoming Dinner and saw this sight in the groom's room. Ok, well, actually I was taking a break with the dogs on the bed and a glass of wine...but whatever... This photo really spoke to me. The comfort and constancy of the lace curtains...

Kind of old-school....elegant, and as if they have their own stories to tell.

Which they do. Over 100 grooms have spent the final moments of their lives without their new brides right there in that space. Interesting and fun. Reminded me of what a blessing this place has been to us and so many others. Wedding Homecoming really makes you think about all that has happened here!

The color combo for WH is interesting this year, as usual. Kind of fun with an emphasis on 'celebration'. We both still cannot believe that 74 plus souls who have trusted us with their big day are coming to visit all at one time. We are swollen with excitement, pride and humility....all at the same time! Thank you, God for making all of this happen....we truly never saw it coming.

Capable help tomorrow coming to put the final touches on the event. Steaming, flatware, glasses, chair covers, etc. etc. etc. Simply Sweet is figuring out a way to make 74 people stand on a cake and we can't wait to see what creativity comes out of that oven! Excellence, as always, we're sure!

Listened to some great preaching on the air today during my walk. Was re-reminded that the doors that are meant for each of us are already there. It's just a matter of knocking and knowing.... some open, and some don't, and our willingness to be happy with both outcomes makes all the difference! Blessings to all to be happy with the 'doors' in their lives!


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