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We're starting to get the hang of the selfie stick!

A little practice with Missy's gift has paid off. Brooke came to visit yesterday, and this one turned out pretty darned well! Such fun to have her here, and we always enjoy our time with her. She'll be helping us for NYE, so we get to see her again, soon! Merry Christmas, Brooke & Tyler!

Well, last week wasn't busy at the chapel, but this weekend made up for it! Matt came out to shoot his beautiful .44 magnum at the range and shot beautifully! I wouldn't want to mess with that guy! We also got to have a great visit with Amanda and her family for their upcoming wedding and unfortunately, didn't get to see Cooper. Excellent dinner at Talie's and our wonderful Christmas with the Gray's. It was a great weekend, all the way around.

Baby steps, baby steps....that's how our faith grows sometimes, but we have to be patient with ourselves. The rewards are immense! Blessings to everyone for a tremendous Christmas week!

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