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M&M@2! What a blessed celebration!

Our all-time, delightful Molly & Matt honored us yesterday by asking if they could come by on their 2nd anniversary! We don't think anyone can even imagine how blessed we feel when this happens....since it has kind of a "well done, good and faithful servant" kind of feel to us.... Not only does a couple trust us with their biggest of days, but THEN honor us again by coming back to the scene of the crime, uh, I mean celebration! God bless M&M for a long lifetime of togetherness and love. We care for them both so very much! Started out with champagne and snicky snacks, and then they were gracious enough to include us in their anniversary dinner (I promise...I didn't push !:)) We had laughs, fun, food, and M&M both got to drive the 4-Runner and now Matt knows to go to the Toyota dealer for Molly's Christmas present! We even decided on which new handgun Molly needs! Wow....I guess I'm kind of a personal shopper who only cost Matt $30,000+ last night. (No need to thank me, Matthew....just doin' my job....:)) Again, crazy wonderful blessings to these two that are dear to our hearts!

Clearly, today's chapel activities include washing champagne glasses! I've not even started on the linens from L&J's great adventure so I won't be bored this week. Edging on the new terrace is happening this morning, and I think, after looking at brick prices....we may be going back to decomposed granite. Yikes! Special musical prayer service tonight that we're looking forward to.

Knowing you're doing His will is amazing... Feeling the blessings and reassurances through others, directly from Him, and through the gifts received. We are so very blessed, and look forward to even more! Have a groovy Thursday, and hug a soldier today if you see one.... just move kinda slowly, tho, ok? :)

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