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This is the start of a pretty cool lamp!

Many thanks to Cindy and Dick for this excellent chapel Christmas gift! It's on it's way to being a tremendous lamp for the entry hall. No matter where it ends up at the chapel it'll be just right! Beautiful gift and beautiful people!

Misty and moorish out there today, and loving it. Final touches on the preparations for this weekend's big event with a special lunch provided by a special friend. Getting our walk in, and apparently it's going to be rainy tomorrow. We can't complain, it's been so nice! Need to pay some chapel bills today, or I think they may turn the lights off (hehehe)....

Many thanks to God above for the successful eye surgery on our dear friend, Dr. Carl Bradley! His mercy endures, and Carl is doing great! Thank you, Jesus, and prayers continue for two other folks in health need. Pray for someone you know works! Blessings for a fab fri.

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