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Cozy, antique and settled...

Wow.......what a lead-in! That could describe our lives, Cap's face in the mirror, the chapel or a lot of other things around here... The latest attempt is to see something that speaks to us visually, and since we're all wearing cameras all the time, to capture it as a window into our surroundings. That's exactly how this little photo took place. The chapel cubby is such a special and wonderous place... housing antiques, functional things, memories, etc. This trio has spent some time here. Everything ends up in the cubby wherever it long as it truly belongs there and also fits the country French colourway. These three (actually a 4th peaking out from the next cubby!) have their own history, and only recently ended up together at random. The two smaller cups have kind of collected us from different locations, and our dear friend, Sheri Joseph brought us the neat, banded creamer a while back. This scene just provides a sense of order, warmth and patina. What a blessing every single day.

Well.......on to larger things. Setup has begun for the exciting wedding this weekend for L&J (she, being the very FIRST bride photographed in the 1973 Fleetwood Brougham) and we're excited about every step forward to the big day. Not much going on otherwise at the chapel, but the weather is so beautiful today, I've made a trip down there twice for materials for Christmas wrappings, and haven't minded the walk at all! The dogs are loving the sun as well.

Asking Him for direction and seeing Him in every facet of your life. Those who things combine to create genuine happiness, we think. Our prayer for you today is that you embrace what is yours, and have a truly blessed day!

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