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Perfect details added to a perfect wedding!

One of the neatest parts of Saturday's wedding were the vintage and decorative details that really made the day shine. This photo is of the beautiful, retro hair ornament that Melinda wore on her big day. Not a copy, but a genuine brooch from the period. All that attention to detail is what really made her look so tremendous. Good job, Melinda (& Tremaine? :)) and we're totally impressed with what you could do while working full time helping so many new babies come into the world!

Chilly out there today, and I'm going to make a run to Belton with the MGB and no heat! At least I can put the top up...and it'll be worth it, since I'm meeting Sheri to get some special invitations. Lots of laundry to do today...but at least batch #1 got to soak overnight and we're on our way... Brush is getting burned this morning and life is good!

Small steps. Sometimes that's just what He wants us to take and just what He has planned for us. Change doesn't happen overnight, and prayers aren't always answered immediately, but He's there....and it all is for Good! Have a blessed day, and shine and sparkle like Melinda's vintage jewel!

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