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Our Magical Disney Princess is Married!

I saw a comment yesterday from someone who said 'when Melinda smiles, she lights up the room'. We couldn't agree more, and there was a lot of light, love and happiness in the great room on Saturday. Tremaine and Melinda tied the knot, and it was absolutely magical. She originally wanted her wedding at Disney...and decided that might be a little less than cost-effective!:) Thankfully, they stumbled on us, and the rest was history. Saturday's wedding was everything we dreamed it would be...and the fact that it just about never stopped raining just didn't matter. Our very first bride and groom to depart in the Fleetwood...and it was just perfect. Congratulations, Melinda & Tremaine, and we already can't wait to see you soon!

Well, the magical wedding is over, so that means just one thing. Laundry :). Working on that today, and getting some errands run and thankfully, the chapel is being all cleaned up from the fun. We've got a week off from weddings, so the laundry mountain doesn't have to be rushed. Nice!

Currently reading The Great Divorce by CS Lewis for a review this week. Interesting beginning....we'll see where it goes. In the meantime, prayers of thanksgiving, healing and direction continue. We hope the first week of December is magical for you!

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