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What a fabulous blast from the past!

What an absolute treat it was yesterday to get an email out of the blue from Matt Gately telling us about their wonderful new addition...Miss Ella Grace. Stacy and Matt were not actually married at the chapel, but they're most surely Caliber Oak quality folks! I was blessed to be their officiant at the Salado Civic Center in 2013. Denise and I were reminded very vividly yesterday by Matt's email and a wonderful conversation with Melinda last night...we truly are involved in a ministry here, and are so very thankful! We are hoping that Stacy and Matt come to visit soon and that we get to meet the lovely and talented 8 month old Ella Grace!

Lots of small projects in the works at the chapel today. Errands in town..painting the numbers on the column at the road...etc. Also, setup has already begun for our own 'Disney Princess's wedding that's coming up very soon. We're thrilled about M&T's big day and can't wait! Although, I have a lot of set up, steaming, and polishing to do before then. We're also excited to meet P&S they shop around for a wedding venue. Sometimes you can just tell a Caliber Oak couple by the very first phone call! :)

Both Denise and I were uplifted by a spiritual message series we listened to on XM yesterday and today. It's fun to listen to our music, too....but we were both energized and comforted by the messages we heard. Thank you, God, for the blessings, ministry, guidance and help you provide each and every minute. Our prayer for you today is for peace and a positive attitude toward your day. God bless you!

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