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Can't Wait for the Big Day! Calling all of our married couples!

Jamie has done such a lovely job in designing the invitations for this year's Wedding Homecoming Dinner, and we can't wait! Remember, this is for our brides and grooms who are already married, and be sure to call Miss Denise to let her know you're coming. Looks like a record crowd of very special couples already.....and we're so ready so see each one. This place is not for everyone, but those who will be here know they truly belong! Woohooo!

Sunday will probably be a little calmer at the chapel...but you just never know. We went down there for breakfast this morning, and are so pumped to get a new toilet paper holder (hehehehehhe) for the pink bathroom, since the old one fell apart. Keeping up with stuff like that seems to keep us busy.....but it also makes the place special for our wonderful clients and friends. We're also planning to do something special for one of Salado's Finest today...and manage to get in a 2 hour walk. Let us pray.

Speaking of prayer...isn't it wonderful. Prayers of thanksgiving are always so great to offer up, and also those great prayers for his timing, guidance and patience are good ones too.... Have a prayer-filled, thank-ful, rock 'n roll kind of Sunday, y'all! Blessings!

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