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Welcome, to Miss Alice Fleetwood!

Caliber Oak's newest ride is very special! Welcome, to Miss Alice Fleetwood, who is a beautiful, 1-owner '73 Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance (or in her case, d'Elegance Brougham....long story! :)) She arrived friday afternoon, and we're very appreciative of the careful care that Stephen has provided to her. Many thanks to Dr. Carl Bradley for spending his day helping to make the purchase and bringing her home from Dallas. We pray for many miles of happy motoring with Miss Fleetwood, and hope you'll come meet her soon! As with any girl of her maturity, there are a few items to be worked on, but she's just beautiful, and we're proud to have a 'rainy day' 'cold day' ride of this beauty.

Lots of fun at Denise's event yesterday, and will spend some time cleaning up today. Great fun to have Mare here for a visit. A little chilly out there, so it really won't be a bad day for indoor stuff.

Asking Him for direction....what to do...the best interactive stance in our us us comfort with our decisions. We couldn't go it alone, and are thankful for His guidance every day! Have a blessed monday, and a wonderful week!

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