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Building the baby shower backdrop...

Greg, Brenda, Blanca & Company were all working hard last Sunday morning to make just the right look for Griselda's shower. They did a beautiful job, and the entry hall was truly transformed. Congrats, again, to G&G on the upcoming babykins. We're pretty fired up on this end.

Everything is just about set up for M&D's great wedding adventure. Looking forward to having them out here tomorrow and Saturday. Hard to believe it's already here...time truly does fly...

Received the invitations in the mail for Denise's first annual "Caliber Oak Tea" that she's planning for this fall. Should be a fun, and hopefully annual, event.

It's so fun to share the blessings we've received with others. Sharing our stores of faith and God moments makes them all even more vivid in our lives. Blessings to all for a great thursday, and an outstanding weekend!

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