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A day of change at the Caliber Oak garage

Well, sadly, today we officially say 'goodbye' to our beautiful Lincoln Town Car limousine that we've had since 2010. As many of you know, it was involved in a hit and run accident in July, and was officially totalled. We have come to a settlement with the insurance company, and the title is being sent off today. Our most current brides have been notified, and have selected the Cadillac convertible departure (very wise!). No worries all around, as He has a plan for another special vehicle. Primarily for bride and groom departures (and for taking Miss Denise and I to events!) it's possible that the limousine will be replaced by a classic sedan with a special panache all its own! (Already found a '69 Fleetwood I'm in love with...but we'll see!)... Many thanks to all who have enjoyed the limousine with us, and the most important part is that nobody was hurt in the wreck! Onward and upward with a pledge of no more than 16 mpg! :)

Setting up for Mrs. G's shower today and looking forward to a very special dinner at the chapel tonight. Finally got lots of dishes done yesterday that were hanging over from the beginning of the week (yikes!) and watering plants as usual....

It's truly fun to let Him show us the way... The limousine replacement is just one of millions of provisions brought our way, and being on the journey is such a blessing. Stay tuned, and stay Tuned! Blessings to everyone on their own journey of discovery today!

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