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Apples meet bling...

There was just something about this look for Sunday night's charity event I couldn't resist taking with the camera... The beautiful bling cake plateau from Hope and Scott, and the neat silver basket from town... The miniature apples... Just appealed to me....(apples...appeal....get it!??!) Oh well.

Special bride and groom heading to the chapel in just a few short minutes, and we've got another special couple coming out to book their big day. Praise God for all these wonderful brides and grooms that we so enjoy having here for weddings. Watering system is being enhanced we can try to keep the 'flowerbeds' green! Also, had a great visit from Mary this weekend so that we could catch up on so much!

Cherishing and treasuring each moment we're given is a fun practice. Being thankful for the smallest things, and taking pleasure in the 'everyday'...That's truly a wonderful way to go through life!

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