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Dinner with Angels!

It's always such a treat to get to go to dinner at a special home....the neat thing for us is when our brides and grooms become our friends and we get entertained in their homes! Such an honor and we're so grateful... Last night's dinner at Missy & Jeremy's was tremendous...steaks (I took the largest one so that Jeremy couldn't have it! :) and asparagus and wine! Who could need more? Their new home is lovely and LARGE! So proud for them. Kendall took this excellent picture for us, and June Lili provided entertainment for the evening with books, shoes, and smiles! Thanks, again, Team Angel!

Setting up today for the big Gershwin event for Children's Advocacy Center tonight. Lots of folks coming, and I know they'll raise great money for the charity.

Every day truly is a gift.... I'm just a little slow getting out of bed these days to open the gift! :) Have an excellent Sunday, y'all!

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